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South East Edinburgh Cluster Response on the Archdiocesan Consultation

Following on from our meeting with the Archbishop in Februrary, we asked for nominations from all our faith communities of those who wished to be involved in the next stage of the cluster's development. While this would include a cluster response to the archdiocese consultation, it would be focused on looking head to the next five to ten years.

Facilitators from within the Cluster Co-ordinating Group were identified to take forward four main areas:

  • Exploring what works well together and single parish provision

  • A detailed examination of joint resources

  • Exploring what makes parishes vibrant and naming goals for joint action

  • Planning for the next stage of our development
The first three of these were taken from the Cluster Parishes Together Handbook   and the final one had already been planned. Each of the groups were composed of members drawn from each of our faith communities and they submitted responses back to the Co-ordinating Group. The Group had these responses compiled into a draft report for consideration by each of the Pastoral Parish Councils. This led to further discussions in which amendments were made. Once the final draft was agreed, the report was printed and distributed to each of the parishes for the people to take home and read. They were encouraged to contact members of their PPCs for comments and suggestions.

The report was really in response to the wider consultation going on in the archdiocese, but it raised other issues which we as a cluster intend to carry forward in the ongoing development of our communities. In accordance with this wider consulation, the report has been shaped around the four headings as indicated in the Handbook:
  1. What is considered to be a fair and discerned representation of the views of the cluster parishes about what needs to be done together in pastoral provision?

  2. What should continue to be focused on single parish provision for pastoral provision?

  3. Where you see signs and developments of vibrancy in your cluster parishes that may lead to new growth and life.

  4. Naming pastoral goals for the cluster to work together more closely in a spirit of mission and evangelisation.
The report was submitted to the Archbishop at Easter 2017 and can be found here.
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