Requests for the Baptism of Children

Over the past couple of years or so it has been increasingly difficult for some parents to enrol their children in St Catherine's Primary School. The school has gained a very good reputation and the demand for places is high. Priority is given by the Council to children who have been Baptised in the Church and who live in the catchment area. Our rate of Baptism has increased markedly and this could well be one of the reasons.

A significant number of families access the Church for Baptism but rarely if ever return. The Sacrament seems to be being used in order to gain a place in the school - sometimes at the cost of families who regularly celebrate their faith with us having their children refused.

Clearly this is an unfair and unjust situation. We need to reconsider our criteria for the Sacrament of Baptism. Families who wish to have their children Baptised will be asked to join us at Mass on a regular basis before taking part in the programme of preparation for the Sacrament.


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