The proposed reorganisation of the archdiocese

You will be aware that Archbishop Cushley, in his letter to Deans of 10th January, set some searching questions regarding the future structure of the Archdiocese and asked for a response on or around Easter this year.

Since that time, representatives of the Parish Councils of our cluster parishes have considered the request and looked at what this may mean for us. After careful reflection, our view is that these questions are too significant and far reaching in their consequences for us to respond in the timescale indicated. That being the case, we are asking the Archbishop to give more time to the consultation process. We believe that we have something of great value in our cluster. Indeed our Mass attendances have grown over 10 years across the cluster, despite a reduction in the number of Masses. Now is the Favourable Time set out a different model for the Archdiocese, one very much in keeping with how our cluster operates, but it seems to have been set aside without discussion.

A meeting of interested parishioners from across the city (and wider) will be held in the Lauriston Hall on Saturday 14th March 2015 from 10.00am till 3.30pm. This is an opportunity for members of the Archdiocese to explore different ways of being church. We would commend this to you and encourage you to attend. A further update will be provided by the pastoral councils after this meeting.

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